Alessandro Del Vecchio & Friends with Toby Hitchcock

Live at Frontiers XX Anniversary

Frontiers Music Srl is very pleased to announce the now usual special Festival CD! At the forthcoming Frontiers Rock Festival, we will release a strictly limited edition (500 copies) of Alessandro Del Vecchio & Friends with Toby Hitchcock “Live at Frontiers XX Anniversary”.

Recorded last February 27th in Napoli, Italy at the party organized to celebrate the XXth Anniversary of Frontiers Records, the label wanted to make things really special. So Frontiers President, Serafino Perugino, asked Alessandro if he wanted to be part of the celebrations and if he wanted to perform a few songs live – as an unforgettable moment for all business partners, friends and journalists attending the event. Further discussions brought Pride of Lions singer Toby Hitchcock into the picture. He agreed to come over from Indiana and have a stab at some true AOR and Melodic Rock classics “in his own way”.

So the set includes a few tracks which showcase some tunes originally written by Alessandro and then performed by other artists, while the bulk of the show sees Toby Hitchcock taking care of lead vocals on classic Perugino’s very own favourite songs, originally recorded by Surivor, Journey, Bad English, Foreigner and of course Pride of Lions too.

Alessandro Del Vecchio says: "When Serafino asked me to perform at the XX Anniversary party, I just couldn't say no. Frontiers to me is not just a label I work with. I'm proud to be part of the working team behind these great albums. I called in some of my best buddies in music and after a rehearsal with Toby, we flew down to Napoli, hoping we could burn the house down. Well, we did and with a lot of fun too! Serafino asked us to perform his "dream setlist", as we called it, and we took the challenge to go out and play those songs with barely 2 hours of getting together, to give it a flavour of a jam among friends more than a regular gig. The atmosphere was awesome and the smiles on people's faces were just worth the challenge! To me the most magical moment has been singing the song I wrote for Serafino's dad - "In The Name Of The Father (Fernando's Song)" - in front of his whole family. I almost cried when I opened my eyes at the end of my last note. That's what music is about and I hope you can enjoy these few songs and get the magic we experienced and lived that night. Long live Frontiers!"