Feat Danny Vaughn!


Release Date: 30-08-2004
Genre: Melodic Rock

Tyketto was one of the best and most underrated radio friendly rock bands of the rock genre. They were never able to reach the massive success they so deserved, with their brand of hook heavy AOR sung with majestic vocals. Formed in New York, by former Waysted vocalist Danny Vaughn, Brooke St. James (guitar), Jimi Kennedy (bass) and Michael Clayton (drums), their debut album "Don't Come Easy" was an instant classic, sounding like a heavier version of Journey and Foreigner. The real talent was Vaughn's wonderful vocals, as displayed on the debut single "Forever Young" and the powerful ballad "Standing Alone". Jamie Scott replaced Kennedy for the second album "Strength In Numbers" which brought sales in excess of 40,000 untis in Europe and two videos on MTV Europe

Vaughn left Tyketto in 1995. Steve Augeri (who later went on to replace Steve Perry in Journey) would be his replacement and appear on Tyketto's final albums. It was apparent that the band would never reach more then cult status and the members decided to break up.

Not much was heard from the former members (Vaughn appeared on the Flesh & Blood blues rock supergroup together with Al Pitrelli of Megadeth and Mark Mangold of The Sign and Drive, She Said) until 1999, when it was rumored that a Tyketto reunion was in the works. However, when Vaughn, Scott and Clayton decided to reunite and record once again, they settled on the name Vaughn for the project. Vaughn released two full albums entitled "Soldiers And Sailors on The Riverside" in 2000 and "Fearless" in 2001, but they failed to ignite the excitement from the older Tyketto fans, as the sound was leaning heavily towards blues and more acoustic based rock.

Danny Vaughn however was approached during 2003 by Frontiers Records to release a record which could definitely bring him back to the well deserved spotlight he deserves, being one of the hottest vocalist in melodic rock nowadays. Thus the basis of the FROM THE INSIDE project were born.

In Danny Vaughn's words: "In many ways I was very nervous about this project. It was a first in a lot of things. Most importantly, it was a first working on songs by other writers, as well as writing new songs on the spot specifically for the project. Listening back to it finished, I think we took some interesting chances, but still that's one of the most melodic rock album I've done in a long time!"

Danny adds: "My favorite is a song written by the producer, Fabrizio Grossi (Over The Edge, Vertigo, Perfect World) and myself, called "Nothing At All". But there are a lot of different flavours on it". But of course there is plenty more to offer, from a Desmond Child penned song ("Suddenly"), to a bunch of new classics such as "Fight For Love", "Blessing In Disguise" to the mega ballad "Is Anybody Watching Me?" in the finest tradition of the Tyketto sound: FROM THE INSIDE promises to deliver one the finest melodic rock release of the summer! Watch out for the video of "Nothing at All" and for the video interview with Danny Vaughn added as a bonus enhancement to the cd!