Million Dollar Reload
A Sinner's Saint

Million Dollar Reload A Sinner's Saint

Release Date: 29-06-2012
Genre: Hard Rock

As any discerning music fan knows, there are only two kinds of music: ROCK and ROLL. And in these times of social calamity, financial ruin and uncertain tomorrows, rock ‘n’ roll remains the only thing that most of us can always rely on. As a result, bands like Million Dollar Reload are to be cherished and celebrated. Formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, these steely-eyed purveyors of balls-out, barnstorming classic rock are on a mission to put a smile back on your face and few thousand volts up your holiest of holies. Ultimately, it’s all about getting the basics right and giving the people what they want.

“All we ever wanted to do was write proper frickin’ rock songs!” laughs powerhouse vocalist Phil. “Songs that people could relate to in the way we do, and that we can perform and make rock fans say ‘You know what? Here’s a rock ‘n’ roll band playing genuine rock ‘n’ roll with no bullshit and no frills, and they’re having a blast doing it!’ That’s all we want to do…write and perform kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll and stick to our principles. We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel. The bottom line for us is that a good song is a good song! Isnt that’s what it’s all about !??.”

In regards to Million Dollar Reloads sound and creative process “Every member has their own individual personality in terms of what they bring to the table,” explains Phil. “The strong groove and backbeat of Sean`s drumming and the solid creativity of Kie's bass playing are a key part of the band’s foundation. BAM and Andy’s contrasting guitar styles complement my singing style, and we all contribute to the overall sound, but it will always be about the songs!”

As if to prove that their manifesto for revitalising rock ‘n’ roll was conceived with the utmost conviction and dedication, Million $ Reload’s 2008 debut album, Anthems Of A Degeneration, seemed to arrived fully-formed and immaculate; a tour-de-force of vast hooks, killer riffs and moments of joyous, snake-hipped abandon, with shades of everyone from AC/DC and Aerosmith through to Thin Lizzy and Thunder confirming that these young Irishmen know their history and salute it with style, while also displaying a powerful and compelling character and atmosphere that is all their own.

Million Dollar Reloads 2012 new album “A Sinner`s Saint” is now going to be released on Frontiers.

From blistering, cocksure sing-alongs like `Blow me away`, `Bullets in the sky` and `Wicked` , through to the irresistible bluesy ballad `Broken`, A Sinner`s Saint is a flawless exercise in smart, sassy songwriting and a superb showcase for the electrifying chemistry that exists between these five musicians. You can’t keep a band this good, or an album this strong, down for long, and now that they have started to build momentum once again, Million $ Reload must surely be on the road to rock ‘n’ roll glory. They’ve got the balls, the belief and the tunes to make it happen.

“Rock ‘n’ roll is escapism…you can forget about your everyday troubles and woes, rock out, sing and scream along, have a beer and a smoke!” grins Phil “It’s nothing new, this kind of balls-out rock ‘n’ roll, but it’s been buried away these last few years because too many people in the industry wrote it off as old fashioned and out of touch, but people are beginning to realise what proper rock ‘n’ roll really is! We’re the real deal and we’re here to stay!”

Phil Conlon : Lead Vocals
Andy Mackle: Guitars
Brian Mallon: Guitars
Kie McMurray: Bass
Sean McKernan: Drums

Produced by Neal Calderwood