What The Hell!

Vega What The Hell!

Release Date: 17-10-2014
Genre: Melodic Rock

Tracklisting: Audeat Somniare (Instrumental); White Knuckle Ride; What the Hell; Not There For You; Cry; Raise Ya Game; Fade in to the Flames; You Can't Run; Bless My Soul; She Walks Alone; Turn It On; Saviour; It's Gonna Be Alright ; Hands In The Air; Skin Deep (bonus track).

Mid price reissue of VEGA’s acclaimed second album released originally only in Finland and the UK in 2012. Includes one previously unreleased original bonus track. Some reviews below:

" WHAT THE HELL! is like being hit in the face by prime time time Europe, Def Leppard and Bon Jovi -- all at the same time" Jerry Ewing (Classic Rock)

"WHAT THE HELL! is an exciting and vibrant record that validates every ounce of VEGA's self belief. Go buy yourself a copy” Dave Ling (Classic Rock)

"Every track could be a single" Alan Holloway (Fireworks)

VEGA is Nick Workman (vocals), Dan Chantrey (drums), Tom Martin (bass), James Martin (keyboards) and Marcus Thurston (guitar).