Reigning Frogs – The Box Set Collection

Genre: Melodic Rock
Format: Box Set

Catalogue Number: FR BS 789
Barcode: 8024391078969

Release Date: 21-04-2017

“Reigning Frogs” is an Unruly Child Box Set which encompasses the whole independent production from the band featuring singer Marcie (a/k/a Mark) Free, guitarist Bruce Gowdy and keyboardist Guy Allison.


“Reigning Frogs” is an Unruly Child Box Set which encompasses the whole independent production from the band featuring singer Marcie (a/k/a Mark) Free, guitarist Bruce Gowdy and keyboardist Guy Allison.

The box set includes the “Waiting For The Sun” album which was originally released in 1998, which featured a line-up with singer Kelly Hansen (ex Hurricane, now with Foreigner), Gowdy and Schellen (with Ricky Phillips of Styx as special guest on bass).

Second album included in the Box Set is “The Basement Demos” which is a release that features all the demos that the band recorded in preparation of their first record for Interscope. The album also includes a bonus DVD with rare live in studio, interviews and recording sessions from the same period.

The third record is “UCIII” an album which sees another Unruly Child incarnation featuring Gowdy with Guy Allison back to the fold and singer Philip Bardowell taking on vocal duties. While slightly more proggy at times, “UCIII” remains a very fine release on its own.

The fourth record in the box is the awesome “Worlds Collide” which featured the full reunion of the original lineup of the band featuring Gowdy-Allison-Free-Antonino-Schellen. This is truly a release that brings back the magic of the early demos and first record.

The fifth album which can be found in the box set is “Down The Rabbit Hole” an independently released cd – very much sought after by collectors – which was only sold in a limited number of copies via the band’s website in 2014. Another very fine and classy melodic rock release featuring the original lineup members.

The box set includes the cds in vinyl replica and includes all lyrics, a total of three bonus tracks (unreleased outside Japan) and a 20 pages booklet including exclusive stories written by Gowdy, Free and Allison and photos from the archives. A superb release limited to 1000 copies only worldwide!


Cd1 - Waiting For The Sun
Heart Run Free; Rise Up; Why Should I Care; Forever; Man Inside; Do You Ever Think Of Me; Still Believe; To The Cross; Fool Again; Live In The Night; Waiting For The Sun; World Of Difference (Bonus Track).
Cd 2 - The Basement Demos Cd
On The Rise; Rock Me Down Nasty; To Be Your Everything; Lay Down Your Arms; Is It Over; Let’s Talk About Love; Long Hair Woman; Forever; Live In The Night; Unruly Child; Undefeated; Down The Road; Still Believe; The Man Inside; Live Without Love; True Love.
DVD 3 - The Basement Demos Dvd
On The Rise (Live Video); When Love Is Gone (Live Video); Wind Me Up (Live Video); Unruly Child Revisited (Interview); Long Hair Woman; History Lesson (Interview) (Incl. Medley: Long Hair Woman, To Be Your Everything, Is It Over, When Love Is Gone, On The Rise); Forever (Ricky Phillips Studio Session); Buffalo Mics (Ricky Phillips Studio Session); One Note Away (Ricky Phillips Studio Session); Stairway To Drums (Jay Schellen Studio Session); Unruly Child (Tracking - Studio Session); On The Rise 1 (Tracking - Studio Session); On The Rise 1 (Tracking - Studio Session); Tunnel Of Love (Tracking - Studio Session); Sinking Vocals (The Asylum - Studio Session).
Cd 3 - UCIII
Tear Me Down; Falling; All Around Me; Bring Me Home; Sleeping Town; You See Three; Kings Of Tragedy; Vertigo; Shades Of Love; Unruly Child; Something; Ruby Tuesday (Bonus Track).
Cd 4 - Worlds Collide
Show Me The Money; Insane; When We Were Young; Tell Another Lie; Love Is Blind; When Worlds Collide; Talk To Me; Life Death; Read My Mind; Neverland; Very First Time; You Don't Understand; Talk To Me (Acoustic Remix) (Bonus Track).
Cd 5 - Down The Rabbit Hole
This Is Who I Am; She Can't See Me; Down The Rabbit Hole; For All We Know; Breaking Hearts; Kindred; Say I Love You.


Marcie Free – vocals

Kelly Hansen – vocals

Philip Bardowell – vocals

Bruce Gowdy – guitars, bass, drums

Guy Allison – keyboards

Larry Antonino – bass

Jay Schellen – drums