Release Date: 04-08-2023
Genre: Melodic Rock


1. Carry My Wings
2. We Ride
3. Don't Wait For The Fire
4. Dance The Night Away
5. War Is Over
6. Look At The Stars
7. One In A Million
8. On The Wind
9. When You're Gone
10. The Silence Of Our Dreams
11. Eternity


Richard Andermyr: Vocals & Guitars
Jan Johansson: Drums
Jonas Melin: Bass
Tobias Jakobsson: Lead Guitar
All keyboards by Eric Ragno

The history of Swedish melodic rock band Rian begins in 2017 with their independently released debut album OUT TO THE DARKNESS, which received favorable reviews especially in Europe. The band matured and was strengthened by their live appearances beginning in 2018, but also with the addition of lead guitarist Tobias Jakobsson. New songs were written during 2018-2020 and based on melodies and lyrics written by vocalist/guitarist Richard Andermyr.
The band definitely took a chance to step up their craft, with musical material which may be described as a modern version of classic melodic rock music, the way it was produced in the second half of the ‘80s.
Rian definitely sports influences from Bon Jovi to Winger, Dokken to Europe, Queensryche and Survivor but they manage to have a personal and contemporary touch that sets them apart from the others. This is what led the Frontiers label to sign them for their sophomore album, TWENTY-THREE, which is now followed by the band's third release, WINGS.
The songs on the new record are once again marked by plenty of groove, strong guitar riffs, catchy refrains, superb vocal arrangements and smashing guitar lines, courtesy of the amazing lead guitars of Tobias Jakobsson. The sound is crispier than ever thanks to the superb mix by Dennis Ward (Magnum, Pink Cream 69, Khymera).
WINGS offers an exciting modern version of classic melodic rock music, driven by strong songwriting which feature exceptional guitar work and fine vocal harmony. Catch the band live if you can and you will be able to experience another reason why Sweden is front and center with its new Hard and Melodic Rock bands in the international market!

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