Roots & Shoots Vol. 1

Release Date: 12-01-2024
Genre: Hard Rock


1) Dangerous Combination (feat Kevin Cronin & REO Speedwagon)
2) Before Anyone Knows We’re Gone (feat Colin Peterik)
3) Last Dream Home (feat Don Barnes)
4) Forever's the Last Place You Look (feat Paul Childers)
5) Mend Fences (feat Kelly Keagy)
6) As I Am (feat Ashton Brooke Gill)
7) Friends Forever (feat Jim Peterik and Mark Farner)
8) Suddenly (feat Leslie Hunt
9) I Found Me (feat Mark Mackay)
10) Fire and Water (feat Lisa McClowry and Mike Mikulskis)
11) Fire and Water (Acoustic Version) Bonus Track Japan


The World Stage Band:
Ed Breckenfeld: Drums and Percussion
Mike Aquino: Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Bob Lizik: Bass
Christian Cullen: Keyboards

Additional Keyboards and Guitar: Jim Peterik
Guitar and Keyboards on “Before Anyone Knows We’re Gone”: Colin Peterik
Additional Lead Guitar on “I Found You”: Mark Mackay
Additional Lead Guitar and Background Vocals on “Forever’s The Last Place You Look”: Paul Childers

JIM PETERIK & WORLD STAGE has spawned a series of extremely well received albums beginning with their legendary self titled debut, featuring partnerships with rock luminaries such as Dennis DeYoung, Kevin Cronin, Johnny Van Zant, Don Barnes, Tom Keifer, and more.
In 2019, the concept reemerged on the 'Winds of Change' album, where JIM PETERIK teamed up with legends such as Kevin Chalfant, Dennis DeYoung, Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, Kelly Keagy, Mike Reno, Jason Scheff, and others. PETERIK subsequently dedicated an entire album female rockers, resulting in the remarkable 'Tigress - Women Who Rock the World.' This album showcased collaborations with outstanding singers and musicians like Jennifer Batten, Chloe Lowery, Rosa Laricchiuta, Chez Kane, and others.
These albums underscore JIM PETERIK's immense talents, complemented by a roster of renowned singers and musicians. With the new Roots and Shoots album concept, the Chicago-based artist presents two superb albums equally divided between Roots (classic rock stars) and Shoots (emerging rock stars).
In addition to Kevin Cronin and REO Speedwagon, Vol. 1's notable guests include: Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger), Don Barnes (.38 Special), Mark Farner (Grand Funk), alongside emerging talents like Colin Peterik (Jim's son!), Ashton Brooke Gill, Paul Childers, Leslie Hunt, Mark Mackay, and a captivating duet between Dave Mikulskis and Lisa McClowry.
WORLD STAGE embodies JIM PETERIK's outstanding musical legacy, a testament to his songwriting prowess as one of the true icons of melodic rock.
Throughout his career, JIM PETERIK has penned some of rock's most unforgettable songs, including "Vehicle" by The Ides Of March (where he served as lead vocalist), hits such as "The Search Is Over," "High On You," "I Can't Hold Back," and classics for .38 Special like "Hold On Loosely," "Caught Up In You," "Fantasy Girl," and "Rockin' Into The Night." Peterik also wrote the stellar and well loved song "Eye of the Tiger," for which he garnered a Grammy win and Oscar nod. He's also contributed to "Heavy Metal" with Sammy Hagar, among other projects.
Presently, PETERIK is a vital part of Pride of Lions alongside vocalist Toby Hitchcock, enjoying high esteem in the recording artist and songwriting community, not only on the Frontiers Music label, but within the broader melodic rock scene as well.

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