Second To None

Release Date: 19-01-2024
Genre: AOR


1. Crash And Burn

2. When We Were Young
3. Leave No Scar

4. Rock Bottom

5. Sweet Talker

6. Lily

7. Kryptonite (feat. Nina Söderquist) 

8. Out Of The Blue

9. All Or Nothing

10. Achilles Heel
11. Daze Of Yesterday


Mattias Olofsson - vocals

Jakob Svensson - guitar, bass, keyboards

Anton Martinez Matz - drums, bass

In the vibrant landscape of their home music scene, Grand stands out as a beacon of excellence. The powerhouse trio consists of the exceptional high-pitched vocalist Mattias Olofsson, the versatile Jakob Svensson (formerly of Wigelius) on guitar and keyboards, and the dynamic Anton Martinez Matz on drums.
“After the enthusiastic reception of our debut album “Grand” we found the assurance to embark on a transformative journey with ‘Second to None”. This creative leap led us to traverse uncharted musical landscapes, embracing a myriad of influences that have woven together to craft a more diverse and dynamic album. We hope will find as much joy in experiencing this album as we have in creating it!" remarked Mattias Olofsson.
'Second To None' is a seamless follow-up that infuses Grand's signature sound with added depth, sophistication, and captivating nuances. Noteworthy moments on the album include an enchanting duet between Olofsson and fellow countrywoman and musical star Nina Söderquist on 'Kryptonite,' as well as mesmerizing saxophone interludes by Kristian Brink. Overall, the album establishes that Grand is poised to capture the hearts of melodic rock enthusiasts worldwide.
Making a grand entrance onto the music scene in the fall of 2022 with their self-titled debut album, Grand has since established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. While drawing inspiration from legends like Starship, Foreigner, Toto, Mr. Big, and Giant, their music also resonates with fans of classic Scandi-AOR. The debut album showcased subtly layered instrumentals, paired with impeccable production that heightened their power and allure, all while Olofsson's vocals soared above.
Adding to the excitement, Grand is set to make their live debut at the Malmo Festival in July 2024, promising an unforgettable experience for fans and further solidifying their presence in the music scene.

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