The End Machine
The Quantum Phase

Release Date: 08-03-2024
Genre: Hard Rock


1) Black Hole Extinction
2) Silent Winter
3) Killer of the Night
4) Hell or High Water
5) Stand Up
6) Burning Man
7) Shattered Glass Heart
8) Time
9) Hunted
10) Stranger in the Mirror
11) Into the Blazing Sun


Band Members:
George Lynch
Girish Pradhan
Steve Brown
Jeff Pilson

2024 launches with a bang thanks to the announcement of 'The Quantum Phase', the highly anticipated new record from supergroup THE END MACHINE. The announcement signals a notable change in personnel as well. Singer Robert Mason has officially parted ways with the group, paving the way for Girish Pradhan, the rising superstar vocalist known for his work under the moniker Girish And The Chronicles and, more recently, with Joel Hoekstra’s 13. The addition of Girish Pradhan to the band is a testament to the keen discernment of Serafino Perugino, president, and founder of Frontiers Records. Perugino, who serves as the executive producer for THE END MACHINE, recognized the incredible talent and potential in Pradhan and brought him to the attention of the band.

Established in 2018, THE END MACHINE released their eponymous debut album, 'The End Machine,' in 2019 bringing early acclaim for not only contemporary production and a modern attitude, but also their perfectly crafted songs, paying homage to their roots and the music that they love. This attitude and talent was equally on display with their 2021 sophomore album, 'Phase2'. 

In delivering 2024's 'The Quantum Phase,' THE END MACHINE has not only surpassed expectations but has penned the record of their lives! With each note and lyric, they have exceeded their own artistic aspirations, collectively crafting the album they always wished they had written. This monumental work stands as a testament to THE END MACHINE's evolution, showcasing not only their musical prowess but also their unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of their creative expression.

Produced By: Jeff Pilson for Pilsound Music Inc
Studio: Pilsound Studios, Santa Clarita CA
Recorded By: Jeff Pilson and Girish Pradhan, additional engineering: Olivia Pilson
Mixed By: Alessandro Del Vecchio
Mastered By: Alessandro Del Vecchio

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