Release Date: 17-05-2024
Genre: Heavy Metal


'Drama' Track List:

1) Illumination
2) Song for an Eternal Child
3) Triumph (Official Version)
4) Thrill City
5) Deep End
6) Dead of Winter
7) Mirage
8) A Prayer
9) Acapella
10) Tearful Confession
11) Icicles
12) 2 Rebeldes (Dead of Winter) (Spanish Version)


Produced By: Marty Friedman

Studios: Newsin Audio Design, Italy
Woodcliff Studios, USA
NK Sound & Sunshine Studios, Japan

Recorded By: Luigi Stefanini, Frank Rosato, Takao Nakazato,
Atsuo Akabae, Kenjiro Naka

Mixed By: Alexander Backlund and Jay Ruston

Mastered By: Koji Tanaka at Victor Creative Media, Tokyo

Guitar Technician & Sonic Guru: Franco Piona

MARTY FRIEDMAN`s presence in the world of music, the world of guitar, and Japanese pop culture is mystifying, bizarre, and nothing short of inspiring.


From his groundbreaking beginnings with Cacophony , alongside the legendary Jason Becker , to his pivotal role in propelling Megadeth to its peak of popularity with his breath-taking range and unorthodox melodic sense , MARTY has solidified his status as a unique guitar icon.


Today, MARTY proudly announces his latest solo album, ' Drama ' where he only slightly revisits the atmospheric elements of his acclaimed 1992 release ' Scenes ,' elevating them to a modern and exotic collection of epic extravagant and unapologetically emotional mini-symphonies.


Tracks like " Illumination " and " Mirage " transport listeners to captivating realms, evoking sudden tears and chills. The entire album spotlights MARTY 's mesmerizing melodies, game changing arrangements, and heart tugging motifs, even more than any of his previous work by him.


Recorded in Italy, where MARTY had access to a treasure trove of vintage guitars along with his modern signature models, ' Drama ' is a pure delight for anyone who appreciates music that stirs emotions.

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