Eternal Rising

Release Date: 14-06-2024
Genre: Power Metal


1. Barbarossa
2. Before The River Of Fire
3. Eternal Rising
4. Pandora's Box
5. A New Beginning
6. To The Endless Sea
7. Shahrazad
8. Scilla And Cariddi
9. Burning Within
10. The Glorious Fight
11. Equinox


Marianna Iacona (Vocals)
Federico Paolini (Guitars)
Roberto Donati (Bass)
Stefano Livieri (Drums)

Xeneris, the Italian powerhouse of symphonic power metal, is set to ignite the global metal scene with their highly anticipated debut album, "Eternal Rising" slated for release on June 14th, 2024. 

Prepare to be hypnotised by their first single and video "Eternal Rising", a mesmerizing tale of resurrection and resilience, narrated through the myth of the phoenix's rebirth. This song embodies the determination to move forward in life challenges, echoing the phoenix's immortal cycle of death and rebirth.

Masterminds Federico Paolini states "'Eternal Rising' tells a story of resurrection and resilience narrated through the myth of the phoenix's rebirth: every 500 years, the phoenix dies and rises from its ashes, thus ensuring immortality through this purifying ritual. For us, it's a concept very representative of our musical journey that is reborn and continues, representing also the will to continue our path with renewed passion."

Formed in December 2022, after the disbandment of Kalidia (one of the hottest italian power metal band with over 7 million streams and 5 million YouTube views), Xeneris is the brainchild of Federico Paolini (Co-founder, composer, and guitarist) and Roberto Donati (Co-founder, Bassist). Coupled with Maryan jaw-dropping vocals and the rhythmic genius of Stefano Livieri. Xeneris manage to honor the Heritage of Kalidia expanding the musical spectrum fusing power metal, symphonic metal, and progressive metal into an electrifying blend of irresistible melodies, powerful riffs, and grand arrangements. 

Federico is thrilled to invite fans to “Get ready to be transported on a mesmerizing odyssey through the annals of myth and legend. From traversing the Mediterranean alongside Ulysses to beholding the Phoenix's resurrection. Follow Dante's descent into Hades and surrender to the seductive allure of an Arabian night, where the Sahara's gentle zephyrs embrace you in their warm embrace”.

Xeneris invites metal enthusiasts worldwide to join them on this epic voyage, as they redefine the boundaries of symphonic power metal. Prepare to be captivated by the grandeur of "Eternal Rising" and immerse yourself in a world of myths, real-life and fantasy legends, and introspection from human experiences.

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