The Nail
The Nail


Release Date: 13-09-2024
Genre: Hard Rock


1 Hit & Run
2 The Nail
3 No Time To Burn
4 Broken
5 Walk The Line
6 Soul Screamer
7 Blackout (Popeye's Sin)
8 Exorcist
9 Hangman's Noose
10 Underdog
11 Fall Back Now


Girish Pradhan - Lead Vocals
Reis Ali Eroglu – Drums, Bass, Guitars
Efe Eroglu - Lead Guitars

Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to introduce The Nail, a fantastic new musical alliance featuring one of the most gifted vocalists of the new generation, Girish Pradhan (Girish & The Chronicles, The End Machine) together with Efe and Reis Ali Eroglu, two very talented young kids (26 and 17 years old respectively) who – under the guidance of their father, producer Cenk Eroglu (ex-Winger, Crossing Rubicon) - created a new hard rock gem, poised to captivate audiences around the globe.

Their highly anticipated self-titled debut album is set for release on September 13th, 2024.

Girish Pradhan shares his excitement for this project: “This is unlike like any record I have ever done. Different. Many of my listeners have always requested that I do something different for a change, and I feel like this record is exactly what they need. Of course, it’s all thanks to a great and a dedicated team, working tirelessly in the background, helping me bring out a different side of me. Amazing work by the young and super talented - Ali, on guitars! All in all, a great project that I got to be a part of”.

"A great chemistry right from the start” adds producer Cenk Eroglu. “Young Reis Ali's razor-sharp guitar riffs and melodies collided with Efe's blazing lead guitars, then Girish Pradhan took it to the stars with his amazing voice. It's hard to believe it's a debut album; it actually feels like a best-of already”.

Girish Pradhan’s reputation has been growing recently as one of the hottest new rock singers on the scene. Coming from India, he played already several shows in Europe with his band Girish & The Chronicles and appeared as lead singer on the last album from the Hard Rock supergroup The End Machine featuring George Lynch and Jeff Pilson, both ex-Dokken.

Following the acclaim that Girish received over the last few years, the label’s President Serafino Perugino conceived a new project set to highlight Girish’s vocals and abilities. Turkish composer and producer Cenk Eroglu was brought in to write some songs and work on ideas with Girish, and he was immediately blown away by his talent. 

He asked his friend and former bandmate Kip Winger to A&R the project and thus put to work his two kids: Efe (a 26 years old guitar hero - top shredder on the “Monsters Of Rock Cruise Shred Contest” in 2021, praised by musical giants such as Bumblefoot, John 5, Andy Timmons, Nuno Bettencourt and Reb Beach) and Ali (17 years old multi-instrumentalist and co-writer of the album).

The final result is just above and beyond any expectation. The album offers a great balance of heavier material (“Soul Screamer”, the bastard child of Judas Priest’s “Painkiller”, “Underdog” and the title track) and very melodic numbers (“Broken”, “Walk the Line”, “No Time to Burn” and “Fall Back Now”).

The Nail is going to take people by surprise as it contains a real tribute to 80’s Heavy Metal, showcasing influences from Judas Priest, Sabbath, Dio and even hints at the heaviest Winger sound on the most recent albums.

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