WIGELIUS is a sensational new AOR band from Sweden built around the talent of Anders Wigelius, a gifted young vocalist who came to the attention of producer Daniel Flores (ISSA, THE MURDER OF MY SWEET, MIND'S EYE) after he sung the popular Journey song "Don't Stop Believin'" in a contest on the national Swedish TV (you can watch his performance following this link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDeVbz3Pbcg).

A true Melodic Rock / AOR music fan, Anders grew up with music from Richard Marx, Toto, Journey and Foreigner and played AOR covers in a band called GAMBLERS, before going his own way with his own band. You can also see him play a Richard Marx cover of "Angelia" here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1GyN-j4O8Q

Anders is in his early 20's, which is an advantage when creating new ways of marketing modern AOR. He plays guitars and keyboards and also writes music for other bands and has been quite successful with that. His older brother Erik Wigelius, plays drums. This is a hit, hungry, horny and amazingly talented new band, plus they look amazingly good.

Wigelius is also all about having fun! Without the enthusiasm for the music and lots of laughs during the process, "Reinventions" would have never sounded as energetic and "big" as it does. The collaboration turned out to be a perfect match of people sharing the same vision in making music together. The best still lie ahead! Everyone in the band is very excited to be a part of it! Harry Hess (ex HAREM SCAREM) mastered the album.

Anders Wigelius (Vocals)
Erik Wigelius (Drums)
Jake Svensson (Guitars)
Chris "Wielbass" Pettersson (Bass)

Produced by Daniel Flores