Gene The Werewolf


“Rock ‘n Roll Animal” is GENE THE WEREWOLF international debut album. The band was formed in Pittsburgh in 2006 and is comprised of five native Pittsburghers. Gene The Werewolf (a/k/a Jon Belan), a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, is the band's lead guitarist and vocalist. He also plays piano. Drew Donegan, a California University of Pennsylvania graduate, also plays guitar and sings. Aaron Mediate (keyboards), Nick Revak (drums) and Tim Schultz (bass and vocals) make up the rest of the band. The guys came together after - conveniently enough - all their previous bands broke up around the same time. Gene the Werewolf's initial promise was to "play music that was as ridiculous as it was awesome!"

Guitarist and vocalist Drew Donegan though more appropriately describes Gene the Werewolf’s sound as “classic rock with a modern vibe”, similar to what bands like Kiss, Def Leppard, AC/DC and Motley Crüe would sound like if they released their music today... a far cry from the pop-punk bands the band members had been in previously. “We also like the term diamond-core, because diamond is the hardest rock known to man”, Donegan said.

When referring to “Rock n Roll Animal”, the band's newest album, Gene exclaims: "It's the perfect soundtrack to a beer-infused Saturday night!" The first video / single, "I Only Wanna Rock N' Roll", exemplifies what Gene had to say about the recording. "The track sounds as caustic as my new look", says Gene referring to sporting a dirty cut-off jean jacket and ass-kicking boots. However, there's more to this album than just scenery.

Plenty of bands aren’t shy about flaunting cocky bios and making no secret of their self-perceived talent, but few take it as far as Gene the Werewolf. “We used to say we were the best rock band, but by now I’d say we’re just the best band ever,” Donegan said. “We play absurdly loud, sweat our asses off, and then sleep on filthy apartment floors together because we love doing it ".

Ultimately, the band's intentions are as pure as they've ever been. "We formed this band to play loud, rowdy, and crude Rock N' Roll," says Gene. "I think with this record we've accomplished everything we've ever wanted out of being in a band together."

They’re now ready to conquer the world with their Hard Rockin’ – feel good music. Watch out for the ‘Wolf!


Jon Belan – vocals, guitar
Drew Donegan – guitar
Aaron Mediate – keyboards
Nick Revak – drums
Tim Schulz – bass and vocals