Tracklisting: Risk Everything; Chance Of A Lifetime; Cold Blooded; Desperate In Love; Thee Crescendo; The Dying Of The Light; How Long Is A Moment; Brand New Heart; Broken Home; Milestones; Independence Day.

The partnership between Survivor founding member and Ides of March Grammy Award-winning songwriter Jim Peterik and singer Marc Scherer started when the latter began recording the vocals for his band Arc of Ages at the Burr Ridge studios in Chicago.

Peterik was so impressed with what he heard, that he chose Marc to demo the tunes he wrote which ended up on the last Pride of Lions album, “Immortal”. Scherer’s back-up singing on the album blends seamlessly with front man Toby Hitchcock’s voice. “When I heard Marc's amazing voice pouring though my studio door, I could not believe my ears” says Peterik. “Truly one of the best voices I’ve heard- and I’ve worked with the best!”

One of the songs originally intended for that album, “Change Everything”, became Marc’s debut single on a compilation of melodic rock artists entitled MRCD9 “15 Years Later”, which is available from

Soon, Peterik started composing an album designed to showcase Marc’s talent. This eagerly-awaited collection of songs promises to be the perfect vehicle for Marc’s 5-octave range – a voice of such astonishing clarity and strength that it is hard to believe he isn’t already a major star.

Just a quick listen to songs like the title track, “Cold Blooded” or the Styx-influenced “Thee Crescendo” and you will easily realize that there is some of the real best Jim Peterik songwriting ever here, along with some vocal work that cannot pass un-noticed.

Marc will also appear on a special CD recorded as tribute to the two Melodic Rock singers Fergie Frederiksen and Jimi Jamison and will appear as special guest in the Pride of Lions forthcoming headlining show at the Frontiers Rock Festival II in Milano, Italy.

Lead Vocals- Marc Scherer
Drums- Ed Breckenfeld, Nick Rich
Bass- Klem Hayes, Bob Lizik, Bill Syniar
Guitar- Mike Aquino, Jim Peterik
Keyboards- Jim Peterik

Produced By: Jim Peterik