SPEKTRA is thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated second album, 'Hypnotized', on July 12th via Frontiers Music Srl. This album, a testament to Spektra's evolution and musical prowess, is introduced today by the single and video 'Freefall’. 

SPEKTRA come back with their sophomore album, proving that they are more than just a band – they are an immersive experience. Their sound resonates with the influences of rock masters like Journey, Foreigner, and Winger, delivering a symphony of stadium rock melodies and high-energy hard rock vibes. 
Speaking about the new single, vocalist BJ stated, “‘Freefall’ is a very powerful tune; it has all the elements that we love….  if you are a hard rock lover, this song will blow your mind! I couldn’t be happier with this new album; I’m totally in love with “Hypnotized”! We are really proud of it!" 

Within SPEKTRA, each member contributes a unique element to the band's harmonious tapestry. BJ, the lead vocalist, takes centre stage with his commanding voice, leading the charge in delivering the band's melodic prowess. The lineup also features Leo Mancini, a skilled guitarist with over 25 years of experience, adding layers of intricate melodies to the mix. Henrique Canalle, a seasoned bass player and producer, brings depth and precision to the band's sound, while Edu Cominato, a passionate drummer with a rich history of collaborations, provides the rhythmic heartbeat that propels SPEKTRA's immersive musical experience. Together, these talented individuals form the powerhouse that is SPEKTRA, creating a musical synergy that transcends boundaries and promises to leave an indelible mark on the global rock scene. 

SPEKTRA is vocalist BJ’s musical brainchild and his first own band project built from scratch featuring original music inspired by his vast range of influences including of Melodic and Hard Rock. Music aiming straight for the hearts of Melodic Rock aficionados. 
Singer and vocalist BJ is well known and respected in Brazil for his phenomenal vocal abilities and his work with Tempestt and other projects and collaborations but maybe even more recognised internationally, being a constant member of all of Jeff Scott Soto’s bands and projects (Jeff Scott Soto Band, S.O.T.O.) since 2009 as a guitarist and backing vocalist and also a member of the latest iteration of Talisman (on keyboards and backing vocals) for their appearances in major European Festivals while he has recorded and released several albums with Soto, either as Jeff Scott Soto band (A Night in Madrid DVD and CD 2009, Damage Control, Loud and live in Milan 2019) or S.O.T.O. (Inside the Vertigo, Divak, Origami). Since 2014, he has also been the lead singer for the Greek hard rock band DangerAngel with whom he has recorded and released one album (All The Kings Horses). He has toured Europe and Latin America extensively while participating in most of the major Festivals including Sweden Rock, Graspop, Hard Rock Hell AOR, Monsters of Rock Cruise, Rock of Ages, Bang your head, etc. BJ has also released a solo album of covers containing music from his heroes and influences, titled “Acoustic Heroes”.