About Us


Following the success of their internationally acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2022, the six-piece rock powerhouse is set to captivate audiences once again with their infectious sound and undeniable musical prowess:
"This album represents a fusion of the influences and experiences we encountered in our journey as both avid art enthusiasts and songwriters. Crafting our second album was not only a euphoric and enjoyable process, but it also involved pouring a significant amount of heart, soul, and love into every aspect. Our sincere aspiration is that this latest release brings immense joy and love to our listeners, particularly our devoted fans, just as it did for us during its creation."
India, known for its rich cuisine, diverse culture, and the vibrant Bollywood film industry, is now making waves in the hard rock scene. ABOUT US stands at the forefront of this movement, alongside other notable bands such as Girish & The Chronicles, and Fifth Note (also from Nagaland). The band has already earned recognition, winning the Best Rock Band category at the MG Nagaland Music Awards (June 23, 2021) and the Music Awards of Nagaland (October 16, 2021).
"Take a Piece" features ten infectious rock songs that elevate the band's signature sound with more guitars and a heavier approach. The album seamlessly blends immediate and hummable melodies with an energetic and technical instrumental prowess, a testament to the band's collective experience of over 15 years in the local music scene.
Lead singer Sochan Kikon emerges as a standout vocalist with remarkable versatility and interpretative skills. His captivating voice has earned him recognition, including an invitation to appear on a Michael Bolton tribute by the prestigious Frontiers label last year.
ABOUT US once again proves their musical mastery with "Take a Piece," solidifying their status as one of the most outstanding new bands in the hard rock genre. The album is a must-have for fans of Steelheart, Winger, Journey, and Boston.