Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to present the reissues of three classic albums from Fate. “If Not For the Devil”, “Ghosts from the Past”, and “V” are all being made available digitally globally on December 1, 2023. 
The band says, “We are very happy to be working with Frontiers Music and are excited for these upcoming reissues. We are very proud of all three albums and are looking forward to having the fans, old and new alike, discover (or rediscover) our previous work.”   
Following the release of "Scratch'n Sniff" in 1990, Danish band Fate did several tours, on their own as well as with fellow countrymen Pretty Maids. When guitarist Mattias Eklundh parted ways to focus on a solo career, he was replaced by local talent Soren Hoff, with whom the band recorded a couple of demos and did some gigs. This was the last we heard from Fate in 1993.
Years went by, but not a single fan of Scandinavian rock forgot about them. Eleven years after their demise, the guys got an offer to play at the Deep Impact Festival in Munich, Germany and they took that chance to make a comeback with both hands.
Per Johansson (v), Peter Steincke (b), Soren Hoff (g) and temporary drummer Rasmus Duedahl made the trip to Munich and were met with great approval. Following this gig, the german indie label MTM Music rereleased two of Fate's albums: the classic "A Matter Of Attitude" in July 2004, followed by the above-mentioned "Scratch'n Sniff" in March of last year.
Overwhelmed by the unexpected response to the reissues, Fate decided to give it another shot and welcomed Mikael Kvist (from Swedish prog metal band Elsesphere) as their new drummer. "V" was recorded and produced (by Tommy Hansen, who also did "Scratch'n Sniff") and was greeted as the perfect follow-up for the band's fourth album, despite the gap of 16 years. Eleven songs pass in review and all of them are catchy tunes, characterized by strong hooks and the incredible voice of Per Johansson (he used to be known as Per Henriksen, but later changed his name) so reminiscent of Jorn Lande.
”V” was followed by ”Ghosts From the Past” (2011) and ”If Not For the Devil” (2013) solidifying the return of one of Copenhagen’s favorite heavy metal sons. 
The reissues come with a total of four unreleased bonus tracks!