The brand new album!


Tracklisting: Intro; Love is a Killer; Fly Away; Blood Stained Lies; Tonight; Freedom Call; One Life One Death; Rising; Hell Just Arrived; Psycho Kiss; Come to the Feast; Exterminated. Includes Electronic Press Kit as bonus enhanced material on the CD.

Jaded Heart formed in 1990 by singer and songwriter Michael Bormann (ex-Bonfire) and his brother Dirk Bormann (guitar) with the line-up completed the following year when Michael Müller (bass, ex-The Sygnet) and former Mad Max drummer Axel Kruse joined the band.

The band's breakthrough album "Slaves And Masters" was their second and was released in 1997. This record stayed in the Japanese Top Ten import charts for four months and in their home country Germany the band was featured on several national TV shows on RTL, PRO 7 and many more. After that Jaded Heart went out on a big tour with Axxis and Heaven's Gate that staged more than 40 concerts throughout Europe.

After the release of "Trust", Jaded Heart's fifth album in 2003, the band and frontman Michael Bormann decided to part ways and the new Swedish frontman Johan Fahlberg (ex-Scudiero) joined giving the following album "Helluva Time" in 2005 a fresher approach.
The band showed that they could live up on their legs after Bormann's departure and after the release they toured as support for German metal heads Helloween in the south of Europe (Italy, Spain, France) and did a successful headlining tour all over Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. Peter Ostros, a long time friend of the guys, joined Jaded Heart as a steady member on guitar, bringing new influences to the band's music.

Following 2007's release of "Sinister Mind", Jaded Heart headed back to the studio in 2009 for the new album christened "Perfect Insanity".  The new cd carries on the spirit and the high quality which was already built on "Helluva Time" and "Sinister Mind". It even contains another ballad after there was none on the last CD. Like on "Sinister Mind" the ‘magic triangle' consisting of sound wizards Michael Voss (ex-CASANOVA, MAD MAX), Chris Lausmann (ex-BONFIRE) and Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69) took the production of "Perfect Insanity" into higher spheres.

"Musically the style we´re gonna do right now is a so called mix of traditional Hard Rock and Melodic Metal, played with faith and heart!! Great production and sound!!", says drummer Axel Kruse, who adds: "The feeling inside the band is very good, we think it will be a great album and brings us the next step forward. Finally we will head off to Japan and hope to play some great Festivals next year" concludes Axel. Look out for Jaded Heart in their forthcoming European / Japan tour!!