The long awaited follow up album entitled "Dream Zone"


Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Terje Eide (lead & background vocals, guitars) is the founder and only member of ON THE RISE.

Terje first captured the public ear at age 16, as singer, guitarist and songwriter. His musical career began in earnest a year later, through winning a local talent contest. He later enjoyed a stint with the band Heaven & Hell, a rock institution in Bergen in the 80s. In 1986 he won the Norwegian National Rock Championship on national TV with the band The Heat. He started his own band a few years later.

Terje has spent several years exploring various musical genres, as well as playing with local artists as a guitarist, singer and backup singer. This capacity landed him a variety of large-scale shows and concerts, backing acclaimed Norwegian artists. Terje went back to his Melodic Rock roots in 2000 starting a project who later on became ON THE RISE. A demo was made in early 2001 which immediately raised the interest of Frontiers Records who signed the project in June 2002.

Several rock magazines wrote that ON THE RISE created the melodic rock ultimate debut album, boasting influences from the likes of Toto, Nelson and Boston with elements of the typical Scandinavian melodic rock.

A few years later, Terje managed to put together the songs that are now on the long awaited follow up album entitled "Dream Zone". In Terje's words "I'm very happy with the new album. The songs are catchy, groovy and they've got the strong choruses and melody lines that I always want them to have. It's been a joyful musical journey. It's an album I can support 110%. It's got the typical ON THE RISE sound, but at some point it's a little rougher than what has been written and produced before".