John Wetton and Geoffrey Downes are pleased to be able to respond to fan and critical demand by returning to the studio to create this new album...


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Tracklisting: Twice The Man I Was; Destiny; Green Lights and Blue Skies; Raven; Sex, Power and Money; Anna's Kiss; Under The Sky; Don't Go Out Tonight; Never Thought I'd See You Again; Peace In Our Time.

John Wetton and Geoffrey Downes cut their musical teeth on English church music as young boys, each was gifted with an ear for a good tune, be it ABBA or the Beach Boys. Their musical careers developed soon with John playing and singing with KING CRIMSON and UK, while Geoff got enormous exposure with the BUGGLES' massive hit "Video Killed The Radio Star" in 1979, later on joining the latest incarnation of YES for the release of "Drama".

Like a "bolt from the blue", lightning struck in 1981 when they came together in Asia, a band that epitomized the MTV friendly power rock explosion in the 80's. Asia's eponymous release was the best selling album in the world in 1982, number 1 in the USA for 9 weeks, turning gold and platinum on every continent. The second and third Asia albums were also big sellers worldwide and enjoyed several hit singles. Unfortunately, messers Wetton and Downes went their separate ways in 1985 and since then Asia has been through several incarnations.

Still - during the years - there was a consistent demand that Geoff and John should recreate the exceptional foundation upon which the Asia pyramid had been formed. Their paths crossed again for the first time since 1990, when they graced the same stage together during 2002's John Wetton fan convention in Philadelphia. Geoff consequently contributed to the writing and playing on Wetton's 2003 solo album, "Rock of Faith" and it became clear that the two had some unfinished business.

During 2004 they finally entered the studio with ideas and energy, sat round the same piano upon which they had written the 1980s anthems, and emerged with the first album of their renewed partnership christened "iCon".

The album was easily their best artistic product for many years and immediately became very popular among the fans. John and Geoff have therefore decided to pursue this collaboration, giving birth to another album "Rubicon", which followed a very busy year made up of one EP, one acoustic album/DVD and one live album recorded during a series of successful European dates from October 2005 to spring 2006. A reunion of the original Asia line up occurred in a September 2006 USA tour, and Asia has toured the world in 2007 and 2008.

Fans and critics alike have embraced the music of John Wetton and Geoffrey Downes, whose songwriting formed much of the fabric of 2008's successful Asia original lineup reunion release, "Phoenix". The two took advantage of a short break from international touring to write and record their third studio album. The cover art is based on the OM symbol, a universal icon, not specific to one religion, and means "everything," reflecting the diverse nature of the album's material.

On this new record, the pure power of Geoff Downes' keyboards and John Wetton's jaw-dropping voice and stellar bass playing are enhanced by compelling guitar virtuoso Dave Kilminster, fresh from successful tours with Roger Waters and Keith Emerson. Former ELO Cellist Hugh McDowell, whose unique sound has helped frame all three iCon studio releases, is once again involved. Rounding out the band is Pete Riley, considered one of the "best drummers in the world", whose work with Keith Emerson, Kilminster and extensive live and session work shows an extraordinary breadth and depth of style.

Renowned new age harpist Andreas Vollenweider added his unique sound to the third iCon album playing on "Raven'" and "Anna's Kiss'" while acclaimed vocalist Anne-Marie Helder (Karnataka, Mostly Autumn) appears as special guest on vocals. John Wetton and Geoffrey Downes are pleased to be able to respond to fan and critical demand by returning to the studio to create this new album and then to share it live with these outstanding players.