Frontiers & Beyond

The new talent recruitment campaign!

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce a new talent recruitment campaign aptly called FRONTIERS & BEYOND!

The label is more and more committed to secure the future of Rock and Metal music and to find the talents which shall be able to carry the torch in the decades to come. In the light of this Frontiers has just launched a new website where every talented new artist can present their music and / or videos to the label for A&R consideration.

Whether you are a band, a solo artist or simply a songwriter or even a producer, Frontiers wants to hear from you!

You only need to surf to the website and propose three (3) songs (demos or finished tracks) that best represent your work. Links to stream the songs are the preferred medium.

FRONTIERS & BEYOND is a new project launched by the Frontiers label which will hopefully introduce on the scene a number of new acts and talents!