Kent Hilli
Announces New Album ‘Nothing Left To Lose’


Swedish vocalist Kent Hilli (Giant, Perfect Plan) announces the upcoming release of his second solo album ‘Nothing Left To Lose’, produced by Jimmy Westerlund, with the single & video release of title track ‘Nothing Left To Lose’ featuring Kai Hahto of Nightwish, now available on all streaming platforms.
Watch the video for the title track "Nothing Left To Lose" 

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Produced by Jimmy Westerlund (One Desire) with co-production by Hilli and Ulrick Lönnqvist, NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE is yet another melodic rock gem from Hilli, who has established himself as one of the premiere vocalists in the genre. 
Hilli’s debut solo album, THE RUMBLE, which was produced and written with Michael Palace, was the culmination of the musical path that the Swedish singer started journeying down since he debuted with Swedish melodic rock upstarts Perfect Plan. Kent’s career in music started later in life than your average musician, at the beginning of '00s after he decided to quit his career as a football player. While he started singing with a cover band in 2001, it was not until 2014--when he started to write his own songs and playing with Perfect Plan--that he started to take a career in music more seriously.
In 2017, when Perfect Plan completed their debut album, ALL RISE, the band got a deal with Frontiers Music Srl. Upon the release of their first single, ”In And Out Of Love,” Kent’s astounding vocal abilities were suddenly known to an international audience and no longer a secret. Since that debut single, he has released three studio albums with Perfect Plan (ALL RISE - 2018, TIME FOR A MIRACLE - 2020, BRACE FOR IMPACT - 2022), one covers EP (JUKEBOX HEROES - 2019), and one live album (LIVE AT SHARPENER'S HOUSE - 2021). 
Additionally, he also participated on both Restless Spirits albums, a melodic rock project masterminded by Tony Hernando (Lords of Black), where he was showcased alongside great artists and singers like Deen Castronovo (Revolution Saints, Journey), Johnny Gioeli (Hardline), Chez Kane, and Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, JORN), among others. And, of course, Kent also took on the seemingly impossible task of stepping into the lead vocal role for a reactivated GIANT on their new album, SHIFTING TIME (2022). The album was met with critical and fan acclaim, showcasing why Kent is one of the most revered talents in the current melodic rock scene. 
NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE is going to be a true delight for melodic rock fans, as has come to be expected from Hilli. 

Here’s the track listing for NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE:
1.    Too Young
2.    Nothing Left To Lose (Ft. Jimmy Westerlund And Kai Hahto)
3.    Could This Be Love
4.    A Fool To Believe
5.    Every Time We Say Goodbye
6.    Stronger
7.    Does He Love Like Me
8.    Start It All Over
9.    Heard It All Before
10. Saving Us
11. Only Dreaming
Kent Hilli -Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals
Jimmy Westerlund - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals, Additional keyboards, FX, Percussion
Ulrick Lönnqvist - Bass, Backing vocals. Acoustic guitar on ”Every Time We Say Goodbye” and ”Every Time We Say Goodbye (Acoustic Bonus track Japan)
Kai Hahto - Drums on ”Nothing Left To Lose”
Felix Borg - Drums
Pete Alpenborg - Rhythm Guitars and Keyboards
Jimmy Hedlund- Guitar solos on ”Start It All Over” and ”Only Dreaming”
Kristian Fyhr - Backing Vocals
Mike Palace - Guitars and Backing vocals on ”Saving Us” and ”Heard It All Before”
Alexander Jonsson - Keyboards on ”Only Dreaming” and ”Stronger”
Oleg Lavrentev - Saxophone on ”Does He Love Like Me”
Jussi Vuorijää - Keyboards and Organs on ”Nothing Left To Lose”
Rick Altzi - Additional Backing Vocals on ”Nothing Left To Lose"
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