Secret Sphere
Announce New Album BLACKENED HEARTBEAT Set For Release On November 10


Italian Power Metallers Secret Sphere has announced the upcoming release of their anticipated 10th studio album, BLACKENED HEARTBEAT, on November 10, 2023. The first single and video from the album, “J.’S Serenade” are out today. 
Watch the video for “J.’S Serenade” 

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Secret Sphere is considered as pioneers of the Italian Power Metal scene keeping the flag of the movement alongside the other famous acts of the same era, such as Labyrinth and Rhapsody Of Fire.
Led by the guitar player/producer Aldo Lonobile (Sweet Oblivion w/Geoff Tate, Archon Angel w/Zak Stevens, etc) since 1999, the band has always delivered the goods, crafting their unique sound, results of various influences. The band has been always very active with numerous tours, headlining shows and festivals  appearance.
“With Blackened Heartbeat we pushed the pedal to the metal, keeping strongly our roots into the power metal sound, we gave emphasis to the riffing and to the dark side of our music”  states guitarist Aldo Lonobile.
"The concept of BLACKENED HEARTBEAT explores, in a gloomy and magical atmosphere, the dark corners of the mind through the professional skills which cross over into supernatural of Dr. Julius B,” explains singer Roberto Messina. ”The brilliant psychologist is adrift due to a profound depressive crisis; unable to generate own emotions, he lives and works compulsively plundering the unconscious of his patients to drain vital lymph and feel again that now-dormant passionate rhythm, the ’blackened heartbeat,’ pulsating in his veins.”
BLACKENED HEARTBEAT shows the heaviest side of the band, a Power Metal storm! Definitely the fastest album of the band’s career, with intricate drum’s patterns, technical and heavy guitar works, dark majestic orchestrations and the unique vocal tone of Roberto, who is able to create original and catchy melodies!
BLACKENED HEARTBEAT is the second comeback album with original singer Roberto Ramon Messina, who re-joined the band in 2021 releasing the album LIFEBLOOD.

Here’s the track listing for BLACKENED HEARTBEAT:
1.    The Crossing Toll
2.    J.'s Serenade
3.    Aura
4.    Bloody Wednesday
5.    Captive
6.    Dr. Julius B
7.    Confession
8.    One Day I Will
9.    Anna
10. Psycho Kid
11. Blackened Heartbeat
Roberto Ramon Messina – Vocals
Aldo Lonobile – Guitars
Andrea Buratto – Bass
Gabriele Ciaccia – Keyboards
Marco Lazzarini – Drums
Antonio Agate – Orchestrations.

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