are excited to announce the release of their new studio album INVINCIBLE set for release May 17th, 2024


On their 45th anniversary as a band, Iconic British Heavy Metal are excited to announce the release of their new studio album, aptly titled “Invincible”, set to be released on May 17th, available to pre-order here:

Considered one of the leading bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM), Demon are also unveiling the first single and video, “Face the Master,” which is out today and available on all digital platforms. 

Watch now:

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song's writing process, vocalist and founder Dave Hill says, “The song was written by Neil Ogden and myself, who have always been fans of classic horror films, from Dracula to the Exorcist, Salem to Lot to Nightmare on Elm Street, where there always seems to be an uncontrollable Power of the Master throughout.”

Offering a sound that melts their classic root Hard Rock approach with the Progressive and Epic overtones of their mid 80’s album, “Invincible” is an absolute stunner of an album which is going to make long-time aficionados very excited along with all the fans of such bands as Magnum, Uriah Heep or classic Rainbow.

Dave Hill’s raspy and soulful vocals may be the common denominator since the band’s inception, but Demon are possibly one of the few bands who have managed to maintain their signature sound during years and update it in the new century, still maintaining the taste for a ghoulish image and elegant music. “Invincible” was written and produced by Dave Hill and drummer Neil Ogden, and Dave Cotterill and Paul Hume are on guitars, Paul Fasker Johnson is on bass, and Karl Waye is on keyboards, completing the lineup.

Formed in 1979 by vocalist David Hill, Demon released their debut album, Night of the Demon, in 1981. After their 1982 follow-up album, The Unexpected Guest, the band experimented beyond the NWOBHM sound. They moved towards a more melodic direction while retaining the traditional heavy metal black magic lyrical style. They took another change in direction in 1983 with “The Plague”. It marked a swing towards a more progressive sound, adding the keyboards of session musician Andy Richards to the album's sound. Lyrically, the band also changed direction, switching to a more overtly political style that characterised their albums for the rest of their career.

Heart of Our Time (1985) was the start of a new songwriting partnership between Hill and the new keyboardist Steven Watts. The album paved the way for the critically acclaimed Breakout (1987) and its follow-up, Taking the World by Storm (1989). Demon released two more albums in the 1990s: 1991's Hold On to the Dream and 1992's Blow Out, before splitting up in 1992. Hill reunited the band with new members in 2001 and released a new album called Spaced Out Monkey. The band has since released three more albums: Better the Devil You Know (2005), Unbroken (2012), and Cemetery Junction, released on 28 October 2016.