Genre: AOR
Format: CD

Catalogue Number: FR CD 365
Barcode: 8024391036525

Release Date: 22-02-2008

“Art Work” is the band’s debut scheduled for release in Europe in February 2008 and is already causing a huge buzz between the AOR audience.


Yet another Swedish melodic rock band??? Yes indeed! Continuing a long tradition of fine melodic rock bands, Work of Art is the latest addition to the scene! Featuring singer Lars Säfsund, one of Sweden's best kept secrets, Work of Art delivers a melodic, yet powerful rock music, based around Lars strong vocals. Influences like TOTO, Journey and Giant can be easily recognized. Ranging from more up-tempo rockers like "Why do I?" to more radio friendly songs like "Camelia" with grandiose ballads as "One In A Lifetime" and even contemporary rock songs like "Cover Me", Work of Art is set to reach not only the traditional Melodic Rock fan base but also to cross over to a wider and more radio based audience.

The band was formed in 1992 when Herman and Robert met while they both attended SÖL school of music. They quickly took a liking in each others songwriting and soon started to record demos together. Herman brought along his friend Lars to play keyboard and sing backup. However, the task of finding a singer was harder than expected and band was temporarily laid on ice until 1998 when some demos with Lars on vocals were laid down. Unfortunately other projects came on to the picture and the band was put on hold again.

Getting tired of waiting, Herman and Robert, recorded the basic tracks for 8 new songs and decided to look for a new vocalist. Once again, Lars was asked to help out, this time as a recording engineer. Lars invited the band to his studio for a drum recording session. Luckily, when Lars heard the new material, it didn't take long before he expressed his desire to sing with the band again.

In January 2007 WOA released their first official demo which immediately caught the attention of critics and fans on the melodic rock scene. This led to a record deal with Frontiers Records who immediately picked up the band impressed with the quality of the songwriting and performing abilities. "Art Work" is the band's debut scheduled for release in Europe in February 2008 and is already causing a huge buzz between the AOR audience. This band is already history, don't miss them out !