Lovers of great Melodic Rock, it is truly time to rejoice! November 08 heralds the release of Jimi Jamison's brand new album, “Crossroads Moment”.


Release Date: 07-11-2008
Genre: AOR

Lovers of great Melodic Rock, it is truly time to rejoice! November 08 heralds the release of Jimi Jamison's brand new album, "Crossroads Moment".

This is Jimi's first recording since 200. Even upon first listen it is apparent that something almost indefinable has changed since that record. The music is more melodic and rocking than ever before harkening back to those magic days of "Vital Signs", "When Seconds Count" and "Too Hot To Sleep". Perhaps the magic ingredient here is the addition of Jamison's former bandmate Jim Peterik, who is back in the role as co-producer and songwriter. To that blend, add a Jamison more determined than ever to regain his rightful place in the echelons of great rock lead singers.

"I feel I have something to prove with this record. It is my chance to say that I am back with a vengeance ready to rock harder than ever. I think my new passion can be heard on every cut. Singing those great Peterik melodies and lyrics felt like coming home", says Jimi.

"Crossroads Moments" was recorded between February and July of ‘08 at Jim Peterik's World Stage Studios near Chicago. Behind the board is longtime Peterik collaborator Larry Millas (Pride of Lions, World Stage, Ides of March) in the capacity of co-producer and engineer. "My main goal with this record was to keep it focused to what the fans want the most - that means strong beats, inspiring lyrics and soaring melodies. I feel Jimi really hit his stride vocally as well", said Jim Peterik.

Although Peterik wrote every song on this collection, he channelled everything through Jamison's life philosophy and experience. "Sometimes Peterik and I", explains Jamison "would just get together for a beer and I'd spill out what's going on in my life. Next thing you know he would play me a song directly inspired by that conversation. "Crossroads Moment" comes to mind as well as "Can't Look Away". Jim has that knack of setting my life to music".

Variety is the touchstone here. From hard rockers in the "Feels Like Love", "First Night" style you will find sonic gems such as "Battersea" (where guitar ace Tommy Denander takes his star turn), "She's Nothing To Me" and "Love the World Away" or the powerful "Make Me A Believer" with Night Ranger drummer Kelly Keagy appearing as special guest. You will also hear mid-tempo treats such as "Bittersweet" (a duet with Starship singer Mickey Thomas) and "Till the Morning Comes". In the power ballad department Jimi Jamison helped write the book. Taking off from Survivor classics such as "Everlasting" and "In Good Faith" are such future classics like "Lost" and his ode to self acceptance "As Is". "When Jim first played me this one my eyes welled up with tears. I couldn't help it. It just moved me", says Jamison.

The recording band is largely Peterik alumni: Ed Breckenfeld on drums, Klem Hayes and Bill Syniar on bass, Jim Peterik, Mike Aquino and Joel Hoekstra on guitar and Christian Cullen, Jeff Lanz and Jim Peterik on keyboards. Background vocals are handled by Thom Griffin (Trillion, Ambition) and Jim Peterik.

As a grand finale, they have created "When Rock Was King", a playful looking back at the rocking 80s when we all had "big dreams, big hair, big visions". Joining Jimi on this loving tribute are some of his greatest contemporaries: Don Barnes of .38 Special, Dave Bickler, Survivor's original lead singer, Joe Lynn Turner of Rainbow, Mickey Thomas of Starship, Mike Reno of Loverboy and Jim Peterik. A video is in the works and will be included on the cd.

"Crossroads Moment" is about a man standing at the juncture of future and past: a man looking back at yesterday as former singer of bands such as Target, Cobra and Survivor, and taking all he had learned and bringing it into a brilliant future. All the good will he has built up through his career of recording and tireless touring is soon to payoff like a jackpot of success with his fan base and the countless musicians that call him friend. Jimi had come full circle. Jimi has come back home.