Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
Format: CD

Catalogue Number: FR CD 399
Barcode: 8024391039922

Release Date: 23-01-2009

Skyscraper” stays true to the original concept of what Tall Stories was about: music and songs that are diverse as the band members are.


To the unsuspecting public the name of Tall Stories is known because their singer Steve Augeri, became the new Journey frontman after Steve Perry left. But looking at things more carefully this should be the last reason to bring Tall Stories back to memory.

Born in New York in 1987, Tall Stories released their debut on Epic Records four years later, after a few lineup changes (including Anthony Esposito, later with Lynch Mob and Michael Cartellone who found fame in Damn Yankees and Lynyrd Skynyrd later) and regular shows in the New York downtown areas. Completing the line up, together with Augeri, there were Jack Morer (guitars), Kevin Totoian (bass) and Tom DeFaria (drums), all experienced musicians that played and recorded with Company of Wolves, Edgar Winter, Joe Cocker among others. With such a varied background and exposure to such diverse sounds from Blues to Rock, Funk, Punk, Country, Reggae, Tall Stories music couldn't help but be a little different and personal.

Signed by Bud Prager's ESP Management (Foreigner, Mountain, Damn Yankees) they finally entered the studio with Frank Filipetti (Deep Purple, Kiss, Foreigner) at the production helm. While the musical climate in the USA in 1991 was already starting to change, Tall Stories self titled debut album was nothing else than a breath of fresh air in the Melodic Rock scene at the time. The band exposed a very personal and inspired sound rich of melodies and feeling, still keeping a very personal musical trademark which became immediately a sensation between the Rock fans and critics.

A tour with Mr. Big followed, but notwithstanding the excellent responses, the changing musical climate brought the band into oblivion, even if Tall Stories worked feverishly on new songs from 1993 to 95. Steve Augeri went on to join Tyketto and then Journey. As they say the rest is history, however there was something unfinished that, when time was right, took its toll.

Tall Stories are now reborn in the original line-up and offer the fans the possibility to rightfully enjoy the songs that would be the band's second chapter. Due to the original recording quality and the availability of drummer Tom DeFaria, Tall Stories were forced to make the difficult decision of hire a handful of stellar drummers to complete the picture. First was the talent of Rodney Howard (Avril Lavigne) on "Stay" and "No Justice". Then the legendary Bobby Rondinelli on the "bombastic" "River Rise". And last but not least, a drummer that played and recorded with Genesis, Nir Z.

Produced by guitarist Jack Morer, "Skyscraper" stays true to the original concept of what Tall Stories was about: music and songs that are diverse as the band members are. From the opening track, "Tomorrow", an uptempo/upbeat song reminiscent of U2 and Led Zeppelin, to the final song "You Shall be Free" a Gospel number in every sense of the word, the new album is filled with different colours and textures.

"It's been quite awhile since the first Tall Stories release and this new one. We're happy to, if nothing else, put an end to some unfinished business and to share these songs with our ever patient fans. Maybe even make some new ones. We love making music and hope to continue, on any level. But, you know... you can always dream big. So, long live life, love and above all, long live Rock!" - Steve Augeri.