Power Ballads vol.1

Power Ballads vol.1

V.A. Power Ballads vol.1

Release Date: 27-08-2010
Genre: Melodic Rock


JOURNEY – After All These Years (taken from “Revelation”)
WINGER – On A Day Like Today (taken from “IV”)
GLENN HUGHES – Imperfection (taken from “Music For The Divine”)
JEFF SCOTT SOTO – Holding On (taken from “Prism”)
ALLEN / LANDE – Master Of Sorrow (taken from “The Revenge”)
GIANT – Can’t Let Go (taken from “III”)
PRIMAL FEAR – Hands Of Time (taken from “16.6 Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”)
PRIDE OF LIONS – Interrupted Melody (taken from “Pride of Lions”)
PLACE VENDOME – My Guardian Angel (taken from “Streets of Fire”)
HOUSE OF LORDS – Sweet September (taken from “Cartesian Dreams”)
W.E.T. – Comes Down Like Rain (taken from “W.E.T.”)
BLANC FACES – Everything (taken from “Falling From the Moon”)
PLACES OF POWER – I Live For You (taken from “Now is the Hour”)
TREAT – A Life To Die For (taken from “Coup De Grace”)
SUNSTORM – Walk On (taken from “House Of Dreams”)
SHADOWS FADE – Speak (taken from “Shadows Fade”)