Wall Street

WIG WAM Wall Street

Release Date: 18-05-2012
Genre: Hard Rock

Anticipated by the release of the single with the same title "Wall Street”, the Norwegian Glam Kings WIG WAM’s are back with their anticipated new album. Once again the band presents their classic blend of melodies & catchy choruses, blowing your speakers with full blown rock’n roll anthems!

WIG WAM enjoyed their major breakthrough in 2005 when they presented their single "In My Dreams" to the Eurovision Song contest, beating all rivals and going straight to #1 on the national charts, where it stayed for over 21 weeks and sold platinum !

In 2006 WIG WAM went straight from the road to the studio and recorded their follow up, "WIG WAMANIA" and the band went immediately back on the road on their WIG WAMANIA TOUR, which hit Japan for the first time.

In 2009 the band released their third studio album NON STOP ROCK’N ROLL, the first WIG WAM album to be released simultaneously in whole World. The Album was a huge success for the band sold to Gold Award in Norway and again saw the band tour heavily in support of the release.

WIG WAM music is: driving energy, unstoppable force and neverending fun, and “Wall Street” promises to live up to the expectations and ROCK the world big time with a no-compromise full blown entertainment from start to finish.

Wig Wam is finally ready to take you to the ultimate rock trip, and bring their wild live performances on the road in 2012.

Glam: Vocals
Flash: Bass
Teeny: Guitar
Sporty: Drums