Wetton / Downes

Track x track and new EP!


JOHN WETTON – former front-man of ASIA and current member of the ICON project with fellow ex-ASIA keyboard maestro GEOFF DOWNES – was kind enough to post the following track x track comments on the new forthcoming album to be released in Europe on Frontiers Records on May the 16th.

“Overture: Paradox”
This was conceived in Majorca, in a cave 1000 meters underground when on holiday with Dylan - my son and his mother. The atmosphere of being at an underground lake, in an underground cave, hundreds of meters high, listening to a string quartet playing classical music on a floating Viking ship was overwhelming. Originally called "Cava del Drach" (The Dragons' cave), I changed the title to "Paradox" as depicted on the tray card of "ICON" which has a rainbow at night-time. Seemingly impossible.

"Let Me Go"
This goes back a long way and was a plea for someone to release me---not romantically, but contractually.

"God Walks With Us"
One of the first songs that I wrote with Geoff on this CD. As we both come from Church music backgrounds, it was appropriate that we gave credit to the person who put us back together. Lyrics are by Geoff and myself.

"I Stand Alone"
Again, another church reference with Geoff's organ on the intro. Lyrics are quite bitter and the chorus has a distinct ASIA/ABBA influence, but done our way. Lovely feel from Steve Christey. Annie's sexy whispers are very appropriate. Great guitar from John Mitchell - when you need THE solo - he's your man!

"Meet me at Midnight"
A love song, pure and simple - gorgeous Welsh harp from Geoffrey. Classical solo from John…

"Hey Josephine"
Startling intro from Geoffrey and John and a completely 50/50 lyric/music by Geoff and me. All about sex!

"Far Away"
Inspiration for the chorus came from Dylan, who started singing the chorus in the back of the car, on the way to the studio. When I asked if he'd heard it, or was composing, he just said "I'm just singing it". The song is for him. He was only four at that time. Lovely verse from Geoffrey and the French Horn is an inspirational point. Lovely production from Rob Aubrey and Hugh McDowell's Cello is wonderful. More from him later…

"Please Change your Mind"
Another slice of our mutual life-experiences. I love the combination of cello, electric guitar and keyboards.

"Sleep Angel"
About someone you love very much.

"Spread Your Wings"
About letting go of someone realizing you cannot hold onto a person: 78 tracks of vocal! Great cello from Hugh.

"In The End"
Fabulous chorus vocal from Annie Haslam - everyone performs so well on this track, it's probably my favourite! Ian McDonald superb on flute and lyrics from Richard Palmer-James.

On a related bit of news, Geoff Downes and John Wetton have completed work on a new EP entitled “Heat of The Moment (2005)”. This is is going to feature a brand new recording of the hit that catapulted the band ASIA in the world charts in 1982. Full tracklisting of the EP shall be:

Heat of The Moment (2005 version – new recording)
Paradox/Let Me Go (alternative arrangement featuring Mike Stobbie’s orchestration)
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2005 version - unplugged)
In The End (alternative arrangement featuring Mike Stobbie’s orchestration)
I Wish I Could be in Your Bed (brand new track)

Frontiers Records has planned the release of the EP on August 29th 2005.