The new singer is...

Due to scheduling conficts, OD had to part ways with their singer Dan Vasc. It was nice ride while it lasted and we wish all the best for Dan in his future projects.

We got many excellent singers looking for opportunity to join the band and we would like them all for their interest towards OD.

Now here is the big news: the new singer of OD is none other than mr. André Linman!

André Linman is a 23-year old singer, guitarist and songwriter who is best known for having been the frontman of finnish hard rock/heavy metal band STURM UND DRANG!

STURM UND DRANG rose to fame in Finland when the members were only 15-16 years old. Between 2007 and 2013 the band released three albums receiving two finnish gold records and one platinum record. They have also toured Europe and Japan and sold over 100.000 records worldwide. Everyone is very excited about this collaboration and eagerly working to get the album done with him.

Soon you will be hearing the first songs recorded with Andre, there will be killer tunes for you all to listen, so keep on rockin´!

PS: See Andre Linman in action with STURM UND DRANG in their hit "Molly The Murderer" https://youtu.be/6-GSipfiWJo