Deal and new album!

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of LIONVILLE to a multi-album deal, with the first release scheduled to see the light of day in the second half of 2016.

LIONVILLE is musically akin to Toto, Richard Marx, Giant, Bad English, Survivor and Boulevard, with two acclaimed albums under their belt. The project was started by Stefano Lionetti, an Italian songwriter, singer and guitarist, together with his brother Alessandro. After a few years playing around his hometown, Stefano started LIONVILLE with the encouragement and help of fellow Italian musicians Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti and Alessandro Del Vecchio. Together they raised the interest of singer Lars Safsund of Work of Art, who gladly took on the core of the lead vocals for the project.

Now, LIONVILLE Official is ready to embark on this new venture with much enthusiasm. “I'm definitely excited with this new deal, this is a dream coming true for me,” says Stefano Lionetti. “I believe that today marks the beginning of a new wonderful artistic page for LIONVILLE and we'll start very soon to record the material that was written for the new album. I'd like to thank Frontiers’ President and A&R director Serafino Perugino for strongly believing in LIONVILLE and for giving me the opportunity to work with the label of many of my heroes! Thank you all for listening to my music, I really hope that our amazing fans will be happy with the next LIONVILLE records. Have a great 2016!“

Lionetti will write most of the songs, and will produce the album taking care also of guitars, keyboards and some vocals, while the album will be mixed and mastered by Alessandro Del Vecchio (who will also handle some keyboards too) and will of course feature again Lars Safsund on the main lead vocals along with Michele Cusato (guitars), Giulio Dagnino (bass) and Martino Malacrida (drums).

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(Photo credit: Marty Moffat)