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M. Karlsson, Kymera, T. Brock, House Of Lords, Blanc Faces...


The STARBREAKER guitar player has been quite busy in the past few months. After completing the songwriting and production for the second ALLEN / LANDE instalment "The Revenge", Magnus has completed a brand new record with ex YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and RING OF FIRE singer MARK BOALS on all lead vocals. This new album, entitled THE CODEX is going to be a slightly heavier affair compared to the most recent efforts from Magnus and will showcase Boals' return on the scene after a 3 years hiatus. Release for this incredible record is tentatively scheduled for December 07. Stay tuned for more details.

Not content with this, Karlsson is already in very advanced stages for the songwriting of the sixth BOB CATLEY solo album. For this record Magnus dug deep in his Celtic and Epic Hard Rock influences and gave the material anyway an heavier edge, similar in places to Catley's "When Empires Burn" with obvious hints to MAGNUM sound. Production for the album will be handled by none other than Dennis Ward.

Finally singer ex TNT singer Tony Harnell has planned a songwriting trip to Sweden in august to write together with Magnus the new STARBREAKER album. More details on this will be unleashed when available !


Bruce Turgon (ex FOREIGNER) and Philip Bardowell (ex UNRULY CHILD) are very close to finish laying the rough tracks for their upcoming debut album. Some of the songs that will be included on the record are Hard To Love You, Places of Power, I Live For You, One Day, The Passage, Light Of My World, Secrets, Desires of Our Hearts, Always and Make Me Believe.

The songwriting is truly impressive and can only be described as "Foreigner with balls", with epic elements at times resounding of classic House of Lords sound. The recording are planned to be finished after the summer with mix to be handled by Dennis Ward (Allen / Lande, PC 69 etc). Places of Power is going to be one of the major priorities in Melodic Rock for new year so stay tuned for updates !


James Christian and his cohorts in Florida are deep in the songwriting mood for the new album that has a working title of "Come To My Kingdom". The stuff written so far encompasses everything that HOUSE OF LORDS is known for: soaring melodies, epic numbers and riveting guitars. You can expect the right follow up to "World Upside Down" one of the most successful releases on Frontiers in 2006!


The third chapter of the KHYMERA project is about to be completed. The line-up this time is identical to the second album with Daniele Liverani on keyboards, Tommy Ermolli on guitars, Dario Ciccioni on drums and Dennis Ward of PC69 handling all lead vocals. The bulk of the songwriting was supplied this time by Jim and Tom Martin, who offered seven tracks on the previous album and wrote the classic "Ghost Of Time" on the HOUSE OF LORDS masterpiece album "World Upside Down". You can expect this time a tighter production and a stronger amalgam for a winning team that will please every Melodic Rock freak ! Release to happen in early 2008.


Former STRANGEWAYS singer Terry Brock is currently busy in the recording and production for his new solo album in Los Angeles under the direction of none other than Mike Slamer (STEELHOUSE LANE, SEVENTH KEY, SLAMER). Terry is back in a true Melodic Rock mood and his songwriting is expected to go back directly to his STRANGEWAYS days with some hints at KANSAS' "Drastic Measures". The mix will start after the summer and delivery of the album is expected to happen at the end of 2007.


Brothers Robbie and Brian LaBlanc have pretty much completed the songwriting of the second BLANC FACES album for Frontiers Records. Some of the song titles include Goodbye Summer, I Come Alive, Don't Take It Away, Like a Believer, Fly, Light In My World, Deep In The Heart, I Swear To You, Everything, It's All About Love, Falling From The Moon.

Whoever loved the band's self titled debut is expected to be absolutely delighted with what is to come. You can expect great songs in Survivor meets Journey style.