Jaded Heart

The new album "Helluva Time"!


Frontiers Records is pleased to announce all details for the release of JADED HEART’s seventh studio opus “Helluva Time”!

The album has been completed under the assistance of co-producer Chris Lausmann (ex-BONFIRE) and is the first one featuring the splendid new singer Johan Fahlberg (ex-SCUDIERO) on the mike: a guy showing to have the abilities to become one of the most exciting new frontmen in the long lasting tradition of Scandinavian vocalists around. Drummer Axel Kruse says: “We are really pleased to have a guy like Johan in the band because he’s the perfect match both musically and personally”.

The production shows a much fresher approach and supports the improved songwriting and strong team-spirit that Jaded Heart developed during the whole recording sessions. “Chris Lausmann did a great job to push the Jaded Heart sound to the next level!”, Axel says.

The album is also including a riveting cover version of Anastacia’s smash-hit “Paid My Dues” (which was a long wished thing to do for the band) and shall have the following tracklisting:
Tomorrow Comes (click on the song title to hear an mp3 sample); Hole In My Heart; Somewhere (click on the song title to hear an mp3 sample);  Dreams You'll Never See (click on the song title to hear an mp3 sample);  Who's Foolin'; Paid My Dues; Without You; Love & Desire; No One; Shores Of Paradise; Frozen Heart; Love To Live.

Helluva Time” is going to be released on Frontiers Records on October 10th 2005.