Bob Catley

On Frontiers Records!


Frontiers Records is finally welcoming on board with a direct signing BOB CATLEY, the singer of British rock legends MAGNUM, for a multi-album deal !

Following the several years of partnership through Now & Then Records, Frontiers and Bob have decided to strengthen their ties and to announce together the release of BOB CATLEY’s new album in the works tentatively titled “Temptation” for early 2006!

Temptation” is currently in advanced recording stages and feature BOB CATLEY’s band renewed lineup with longtime members Vince O'Regan on guitar, Al Barrow on bass and Jamie Little on drums plus newcomer Irvin Parratt on keyboards. The songwriting has been offered this time by Dave Thompson, Paul Uttley (of LOST WEEKEND) and Vince O'Regan.

According to Bob, “Temptation” is set to follow the more hard rock direction of his latest opus “When Empires Burn” with songs as “Heart of Stone”, “Moment  Of Truth”, “Blinded By The Lie”, “In The Name of the Cause” being some examples of what is to come.

Frontiers Records president Serafino Perugino says: “We are absolutely excited to continue and develop BOB CATLEY’s solo career and we look forward to a more exciting future together!”.