Press Release!

Journey, Allen/Lande, Jaded Heart


Frontiers Records is pleased to announce that JOURNEY’s new album “Generations” has debuted in the Media Control Charts in Germany based on sales in the 34th week of the year on number 70 !

Frontiers Records would like to congratulate with the distributors Soulfood Music and the promotiona agency Undercover for the outstanding result.

As a special present to celebrate the outstanding achievement, we are pleased to offer this exclusive trailer taken from the bonus multimedia track included in the album.

Follow this link and enjoy!


The fabulous project featuring the two monster Hard Rock vocalists RUSSELL ALLEN of SYMPHONY X and JORN LANDE of MASTERPLAN “The Battle” is getting an amazing response from the critic!

Some reviews include:

BURRN! 84/100 98% This album shakes the standards of Hard Rock permanently in 2005 – 9/10 – 85/100
HARD & HEAVY (France) - 4/5
ROCK HARD ITALIA – Album of the month
FLASH (Italy) – cover story / album of the month
METAL HAMMER (Italy) – Album of the month
METAL FORCE (Italy) – Album of the month
HEAVY (Germany) – 11/12
LEGACY (Germany) - 11/15
METAL HEART (Germany) – 9/10
ROCK HARD (Germany) - 9/10
ROCK IT (Germany) - 8,5/10


JADED HEART’s new frontman Johan Fahlberg and guitar player Barish Kepic were so kind to send their point of view on the songs included on the band’s forthcoming album “Helluva Time” scheduled for release on Frontiers Records on October 10th. Enjoy !

You know when you´re in love with the "wrong" girl/boy and you don´t realize that she/he is an a-hole until it´s over. This song was actually an instrumental 'til I realized that it would work with vocals,too... well even better he,he. One of my favorite songs on the Album!

Imagine you have lost all your faith and hope and suddenly from clear blue sky she/he finds the way to your frozen heart. One day Mülli came up with a Demo which he had recorded at home.Johan and I did some changes on it and here it is... a straight Rock song with a huge riff.

This is when you´re with someone and it´s like fire and ice. It´s heaven and at the same time hell and you know you´re gonna crash and burn. This is a very old song which I've just "overworked" a little bit. I like the mix of the ballad-like verse parts and the Heavy bridge/chorus. A great stadium rocker with a catchy hook.

This is about all those intollerant and narrow-minded cowards who´s scared and wants to forbid everything they don´t understand or like. I think this one is not a usual Jaded Heart song and in my opinion that's what makes it exciting. We tried on every Album some different stuff and this is the one on "HELLUVA TIME". A HUGE riff , big chorus... groovy baby ;-))

It´s a pure love song to my black lady... hey for f**k’s sake it´s humour ;-)
Johan came up with this one... I wrote the riff, we put it together and... here it is: a fast forward rocker. Put it in your stereo, crank up the volume and hit the gas-pedal and have fun!

Well, it´s obvious where we´re going and from my point of view we have to do something now! Actually I wrote this one for the band "FARO". After a while I realized that it didn't fit so well to the rest of the songs on the FARO-Album. A very melodic rock song in the style of "Burning Heart" from "TRUST".

This one is a continuation to "no one seems...". Ignorance and indifference seem to characterize the politics nowadays. When we started writing for this Album, we thought this one has to be the opening song. Well,what should I say... never make decisions before the rest of the songs aren't finished ah, ah... This one includes a great solo of our swedish friend Tommy Denander. He played the intro-lead guitar and the second part of the main solo-duel. Thanks Dude!

You´ve "been there and done that" but you´ve never lost it and you know that someday you´re gonna find it. Never give up hope! We played the riff of this one at rehearsal just for fun. And during the time in the studio we decided to work it out and record it. And here it is: a melodic rocksong with great choruses and a heavy kick-ass riff.

This is a complex one. Frustration, anger, love, hate, happiness, a complete mix of everything but in the end a great belief. I wrote this one almost three years ago and didn't want to use it for Jaded Heart 'cause of some kind of reason. Well, when Johan joined the Band I had to change my mind... his voice just fits perfect to this song. Great opener... I really love this one.

When you´re in love to be in love. So, who´s fooling who? A really old one again,but...of course I did some changes on it. A straight forward rocker with a huge chorus. Kicks ass ;-))

And if you have been in love and made some wrong decisions, then you know how it feels. The love of your life is gone, but it's too late to turn back time. The one and only Ballad on this Album. Light up the candles, relax and enjoy...