Bruce Turgon

Outside Looking in

Frontiers Records is delighted to announce the signing of BRUCE TURGON for the worldwide release of his debut solo album “Outside Looking In”.

Bruce’s career started with the band BLACK SHEEP, together with Lou Gramm on lead vocals. When Gramm was called to join the multi-million selling band FOREIGNER, Bruce wrote, recorded and toured with bands like BILLY THORPE, PRISM and WARRIOR. Eventually, his long time association with best friend Gramm led to the writing and recording of Gramm’s first solo effort “Ready Or Not”, yielding the US hit single, “Midnight Blue”. In between the recording of Gramm’s second album, “Long Hard Look” and its subsequent tour, Bruce also toured with Billy Idol’s guitar player Steve Stevens in support of his solo album, “Atomic Playboys”.

In 1991 he and Gramm formed – together with Vivian Campbell (Dio, Whitesnake, Def Leppard) and drummer Kevin Valentine – the critically acclaimed band SHADOW KING, with Bruce co-writing nine of the ten tracks on the album, as well as handling multiple instrument, arrangement and programming duties. In 1992, when Lou Gramm rejoined FOREIGNER, Bruce covered the bass position vacated by the departing Rick Wills. FOREIGNER released “Mr. Moonlight” in 1995, with several songs co-written by Bruce, including the single “Until The End Of Time” and with them he toured steadily from 1992 to 2002.

The bus wheels have finally ground to a halt and Turgon has welcomed the opportunity to kick back and start fleshing out some new material for his first solo album on Frontiers Records. “It’s something that’s been talked about for a long time, but I was generally too busy to commit to doing”, says Bruce. “I felt the time was right and that i was in a good place artistically to embrace it”.

Entitled “Outside Looking In”, Turgon’s record of course features former band-mate Lou Gramm, co-writing three songs with Bruce and providing backing vocals. But apart from this, Bruce Turgon took the responsibility of the rest of the songwriting and makes his debut as a fine singer as well. “I just wanted to make a good album, the way I hear it”, concludes Turgon. “All of the high exposure bands or projects that I’ve been involved with have been collaborations, which can be great, but generally means compromise to some degree. With this album I just did what I wanted”.

Musicians featured on the album are Denny Carmassi on drums (Heart / Whitesnake / Foreigner / Montrose), Rocket Ritchotte on lead guitar (David Lee Roth / Stan Bush / Cher / Rick Springfield), Scott McKinstry on lead guitar (Lou Gramm Band), Ronnie Montrose on lead guitar, Ricky Philips, Tom Gimbel and of course Lou Gramm on backing vocals.

The tracklisting shall feature the following tracks:
Living a Lie (click on the song title to hear an mp3 sample); Any Other Time (click on the song title to hear an mp3 sample); Outside Looking In; Walk Thru Fire (click on the song title to hear an mp3 sample); Faith; Pleasure Dome; These Tears Must Fall (click on the song title to hear an mp3 sample);  Weapons Of Love; On A Wing And A Prayer; Heart So Strong; The Last Time; Where Do We Go From Here.

The magic of the Shadow King and Foreigner music is back on November 7th 2005, with release in the USA on Locomotive Records and Japan on Marquee/Avalon.