The third chapter


Daniele Liverani has started the work for the third and final chapter of the GENIUS Rock Opera.

This time the vocal guests will include: Mark Boals (ex Malmsteen, RING OF FIRE) as Genius; Daniel Gildenlow (PAIN OF SALVATION) as Twinspirit32; Jorn Lande (MASTERPLAN) as Apikor; Toby Hitchcock (PRIDE OF LIONS) as Senator Jeramus; Eric Martin (TMG, ex MR.BIG) as Mr.Niko; Andrea Dätwyler (LUNATICA) as Kokeshi; Oliver Hartmann on all choirs; Philip Bynoe as Storyteller.

Daniele hopes to finish up all recording by the end of november 2005 with a release tentatively set for the spring 2006.