Bad Moon Rising

A new collection to be released!



Frontiers Records are delighted to be able to announce that they have secured a triple album

deal with one of the most exciting hard rock bands ever. We are talking about the LA – based group BAD MOON RISING.

The band released during the 90’s three amazing Hard Rock albums that highlighted the talents of British singer Kal Swan and axeman Doug Aldrich (currently guitarist for Whitesnake). Both musicians were ex-LION, while bassist Ian Mayo and drummer Jackie Ramos (who joined after the first album was released) had played together in both Hericane Alice and Bangalore Choir. Prior to relocating from England to Los Angeles, Swan was the frontman of the NWOBHM band Tytan.



The self titled debut album, produced by Mack (Queen) was released in 1991 and sees such luminaries as former UFO guitar-god Michael Schenker and Robin McAuley together with ex-Quiet Riot and House Of Lords bassist Chuck Wright and ex House of Lords and Alice Cooper drummer Ken Mary. The record was never released officially in Europe, even if it immediately gathered the status of a cult album.


1993 saw the release of the band’s second album ‘Blood’, the most mature and ass-kicking hard rock effort, that is still today regarded as one of the classic hard rock highlights of the 90’s. After Aldrich’s debut solo album, Bad Moon Rising released their last album “Opium For The Masses” which came out in different versions in Japan, France, Korea, USA and rest Europe. Each of them had its peculiar bonus tracks which are now finally resumed on the Frontiers reissue.





The triple cd set entitled “The Full Moon Collection” shall feature the following tracklisting:


BAD MOON RISING - Hands On Heaven; If It Ain't Dirty; Without Your Love; Full Moon Fever; Lie Down; Old Flames; Built For Speed; Darkside From Babylon; Sunset After Midnight; Wayward Son; One Night In Tokyo (bonus track); Alter Ego (bonus track).


BLOOD – Dangerous Game; Servants Of The Sun; Devil's Son (While Our Children Cry); Blood On

The Streets; Tears In The Dark; Heart Of Darkness; Chains; Till The Morning Comes; Time Will Tell; Remember Me; Sweet Satisfaction (bonus track); Can't Wait Until Tomorrow (bonus track).


OPIUM FOR THE MASSES  Belligerant Stance; Monkey; Moonchild; Believe; Into The Pit; Godforsaken; Free; Holy War; Summer Rain; T.B.O.M.D.; Rivers Run Red (bonus track); Underground (bonus track); Crown Of Roses (bonus track); Millwall Brick (bonus track).


All three cds will be remastered and packaged in a luxury packaging with special notes written by Andrew J. McNeice of The release date is set to be on July 4th 2005.