Russell Allen of Symphony X and Jorn Lande of Masterplan! A marriage of steel with a music that is nothing else than the best hard rock album in ages !


Release Date: 19-09-2005
Genre: Heavy Metal

Since 1995 RUSSELL ALLEN is singer of the American Progressive Metal band SYMPHONY X which has released six studio albums and one live record up till now. Much attention was caused by "The Divine Wings Of Tragedy", "V - The New Mythology Suite", "Live On The Edge Of Forever" and "The Odyssey". These were albums which caused sensation, between the fans especially in Germany, Italy, and France and which reached high ranks in the reader polls of important magazines. More than once Symphony X already received descriptions such as "Best Progressive Power Metal Band Worldwide" or "Best Progressive Metal Album of the Year".

Highly rated current MASTERPLAN vocalist JORN LANDE has a vocal capability that is world class, distinctive, rich and spanning a large range. As such the man is in high demand since he has guested or sung for such bands as MILLENIUM, MUNDANUS IMPERIUM, ARK, THE SNAKES and many others. He is also a well known solo artist with three albums released since the debut "Starfire" in 1999.

With songs written by LAST TRIBE and STARBREAKER guitar sensation MAGNUS KARLSSON and with the production of the scandinavian studio wizard Anders "Theo" Theander (Pain of Salvation, Last Tribe, Urban Tale) the two monster vocalist for the first time unite their talents in a fabulous album that seems to be forged in the fires of Mayhem !

The music ins nothing else than the best hard rock album in ages !

Cover artwork was specifically designed for this project by none other than Rodney Matthews, the legendary painter who created Magnum's "On A Storyteller's Night", Diamond Head's "Borrowed Time", Asia's "Aqua" and "Arena", Praying Mantis' "Time Tells No Lies" and many others.